Here’s Your First Look At The Last Ever Ford Falcon

Here’s Your First Look At The Last Ever Ford Falcon

The remaining days of the Ford Falcon are numbered. This is your first look at the last Falcon that will be made.

Ford is teasing out small details of the last ever Falcon via social media, and the first little tidbit came in yesterday afternoon in the form of a new headlight.

Ford confirmed a few months ago that it would shutter its Australian manufacturing operations in 2016, meaning that hundreds of workers would lose their jobs and the iconic Australian Falcon brand would go the way of the dodo.

Ford will shutter its two major component manufacturing plants in the Victorian suburbs of Broadmeadows and Geelong in October 2016, with 1200 jobs set to go. The auto-maker says that it will explore the potential for redeployment of skilled workers, but the opportunities will be slim.

The decision to close the factories and cease production in Australia “was not made lightly”, according to Ford boss Bob Graziano, and all other alternatives had been exhausted. [Facebook]