Helicopter Lawn Darts Give You Time To Duck And Cover

Helicopter Lawn Darts Give You Time To Duck and Cover

Remember lawn darts? Unless you grew up during the 1980s, you don't, because the government decided that people lobbing giant darts with four-inch pointed metal spikes on the end was a terrible idea — so they were banned. But these Copter Darts appear to provide a similar type of gameplay, minus the risk of sending your opponents to the hospital.

Like with lawn darts you designate a target, and then attempt to toss and land your darts as close to that target as possible. The deadly metal spike has been replaced with a soft rounded tip that keeps the darts standing when they land, and won't hurt nearly as much if it hits you. The $US30 darts also features fins that work like helicopter blades, slowing down their spinning descent and giving players a chance to get out of the way — an important safety feature the original lawn darts were sorely lacking. [Ogo Sport via Amazon via Pro-Idee]

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