Google Chrome Is Blocking uTorrent Client Downloads Citing A 'Malicious' Software Issue

It might be worth holding off on updating your version of light-as-air torrent client uTorrent this week, given that Google's Chrome browser has been instructed to block .exe downloads from uTorrent's website following a malware warning.

Google Chrome is reportedly blocking downloads of the uTorrent 3.4 client for Windows. The file downloads itself to your computer, but before its completion, Google blocks the browser from successfully finishing the download.

"uTorrent.exe is malicious and Google Chrome has blocked it," Chrome reports.

Google today updated its Safe Browsing diagnostic page for, noting that the site has been found to be distributing malware 23 times in the last 90 days.

Users on the uTorrent forums have also reported that the uTorrent.exe package automatically installs a bunch of adware on a system, including browser toolbar packages and system scanners that trip anti-virus clients.

Stay safe, torrenters.

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