Did You See The Meteor Over Melbourne Last Night? Twitter Did [Video!]

There must have been some eager stargazers out tonight in Melbourne and parts of Sydney! A bright meteorite with a long tail reportedly streaked across the sky at 9:45pm AEST. Did you see it? Update: now with awesome video!

Update 2:

Sydney Observatory says the meteor was actually space junk.

Matt Kearsley on Twitter saw it, and snapped a photo!

Here's another:

Others also report seeing it, but no more photos as yet.

Put a link to your pic in the comments if you saw it!

Of course, it's nowhere near as dramatic as what Townsville residents saw the other week.

More photos as we get them!

Here's a live feed of the #meteor chat, which is now Trending in Sydney and Melbourne.



    I got a video of it

    I was driving home in Sydney at 9:45pm and was suddenly startled by an enormous cluster of brightly burning objects flying through the sky... leaving an enormous tail that covered a significant proportion of the sky. I thought it was a Boeing 747 breaking up into hundreds of pieces... then the glowing tail made me think it was a cluster of meteors. It lasted for at least 20 seconds and moved across the sky like a large aircraft.
    All I can say is... wait until you see any photos/videos taken in Sydney!!! This was the most incredible site I have ever seen in my life... and instantly came home to search the net for any news!!

    I saw it too!! Absolutely huge tail!
    Felt like the finale of Gravity was having a reshoot.

    Last edited 10/07/14 10:31 pm

    Good evening I noticed it near Albion Park airport while I was driving north along the high way at 9:43pm head north. It was massive and did look like it was breaking up!. At first I thought it was an airplane but then it broke up into thousands of smaller pieces. It was a blueish, violet colour witch I belive left a slight green haze behind. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw it too, it was awesome, couldn't believe it, but thanks for confirming what I saw!

    Walking my dog on Port Melbourne beach and my friend pointed it out. We had no idea what we were looking at as you don't exactly expect to see a meteor! It's nice to not think we were going crazy! Amazing sight. Phone video wasn't great so pleased others have posted some good ones :)

    Wow…it went the across the whole sky from where we saw it in Balwyn and chunks were coming off it and even looked as if a chunk or two got in front of it…..amazeballs…...

    The time and track is consistent with the predicted reentry of a man made space object here:

    Captain of my flight saw this (gold coast to sydney)he announced over the PA looked out the window saw nothing such a shame :(

    Saw this last night driving to work in the Wimmera Vic. 1st thought was a plane in distress then it broke up in smaller pieces and was gone. Astounding!

    Some views from Kingston TAS - https://twitter.com/Klekociuk/status/487373337983594496 and
    https://twitter.com/Klekociuk/status/487373641932214272. See at left in panorama and at top left in all-sky view.

    Trust Sydney to try and ruin Melbourne's glory of spotting a Meteor by saying it was nothing more than space junk.Typical Sydney :P

    Patience pays off; apparently space junk, not a meteor, but no less spectacular for that. I used to live in a small country town where we frequently had midnight baths in the local artesian bath; lying in the warm water and looking up we saw these every night. From memory meteors are usually much faster than this space junk.

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