Chromecast’s Best New Trick: Make Your Own Infinite Inception Vortex

Now that Chromecast screen mirroring is here, you can beam anything from your phone to your TV. It’s great for playing games and casting content from apps that don’t support Chromecast yet. But the best thing you can do with it is turn on your camera and point it at the screen.

Inspired by redditor ungulation, I did just that, and I highly recommend it. It’s waaaaaay more entertaining than you might think. It’s all the fun of standing between two mirrors and contemplating the infinite, except with T E C H N O L O G Y. Definitely give it a try yourself because the best part’s unrecordable: when you hit stop, all the screens flash down the infinite tunnel on your TV screen one by one by one by one off into infinity. Triiiippy. [h/t Reddit]