Bloomberg Terminals Have A Secret Craigslist For Crazy Rich People

Bloomberg Terminals Have A Secret Craigslist For Crazy Rich People

For about $US2000 a month, Bloomberg Terminals seem like a tremendous waste of money for anyone but the avid trader. But! Did you know that insane price comes with access to a special classifieds section, populated exclusively with stuff from other overpaid Bloomberg subscribers? It’s called POSH, and it’s kind of amazing.

BuzzFeed recently took a peek inside Bloomberg’s private classifieds, a “little-known Craigslist just for rich people“. It’s an alarmingly apt description for a service that looks a little bit like Prodigy in the early 1990s but is populated with ads for multi-million dollar estates, rare automobiles and yachts — lots of yachts. The extent to which the interface looks deceptively cheap and the goods look insultingly expensive cannot be exaggerated.

Got $US20 million burning a hole in your pocket? You’ll love this 10-bedroom estate in Mallorca, complete with a movie theatre and an indoor pool. The Hunter’s Lodge in the guest house is a real bonus:

Or, if you’re like this lowly blogger and always looking to save a buck, you can finally get rid of that shit stocking stuffer for last Christmas. Seriously, why would you shop at the Gap when you can get the exact same shirts from Thomas Pink for 10 times the price?

But, hey, at least these traders are using their Bloomberg terminals for actual commerce and not corporate espionage. Click through to BuzzFeed to read more depressing examples of unchecked capitalism that will make you green with envy. [BuzzFeed]

Pictures: Buzzfeed, Flickr/ Guilhem Vellut