Bellroy's Elements Collection: Leather Wallets For The Outdoorsman

We love Bellroy wallets here at Gizmodo. They're made from lush leather, they're well-built and they're all about slimming down and getting rid of unnecessary bulk. The new Elements range of three weatherproof sleeves look like they should stand up to some serious punishment, while looking pretty damn good at the same time.

Bellroy's eight standard wallets look pretty nice, but the lighter colours especially tend to pick up marks and stains if you're not careful. With new water-resistant all-weather leather (try saying that three times fast), the Elements Collection should prove to be a lot hardier.

Crucially for a wallet that is going to see a lot of outdoor use, the Elements pouches and sleeves can store bulkier objects than regular Bellroy kit, with space enough for a spare key or SIM card and coins as well as a bunch of cash and cards. The guys over at Carryology, who have the advantage of working next door to Bellroy, have a great rundown of the new wallets here.

Gizmodo editor Luke and myself actually have two Bellroy wallets each — he has the Hide & Seek and the Travel Wallet, and I have the Slim Sleeve and the Passport Sleeve — and if that's not a sign of approval, I don't know what is. I can't wait to see what the Elements are like. [Bellroy]

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