Behold The All Time Best/Worst Movie About The Internet

Behold the All Time Best/Worst Movie About the Internet

There are many movies about the internet. Some are good. Some are bad. And now comedian Nathan Fielder has made a movie about the internet so bad that it is the best. Unfortunately, it's not quite real. But the part of it that exists is great.

On Comedy Central's Nathan For You, Fielder hand-holds small business owners into making spectacularly bizarre business plans. In a recent episode, he convinces a Hollywood souvenir shop owner to pretend Johnny Depp was shooting a movie in his store to attract unwitting tourists for customers. The plan works well and showcases how easy it is to trick people into thinking you're Johnny Depp. (Really. All you need is a stupid hat, sunglasses, scraggly black hair, and some gumption.) After "discovering" that these actions constitute fraud, Fielder attempts to legitimise the scam by cobbling together a movie starring a marvelously inept Bill Gates impersonator.

The result is the greatest horrible fake movie about the internet ever: The Web.

And here's an extended scene with Fake Bill Gates:


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