Australians Are Switching Their TV Watching To Tablets And Smartphones

Australians say that watching TV is their number one activity — but not necessarily on a TV screen. Deloitte's yearly Media Consumer Survey is out, and its 2300 respondents are increasingly switching to tablets and smartphones for everything they do.

Interestingly, Deloitte marks 2014 as the year for one big tipping point. In this most recent survey, 64 per cent of Australians say their preferred method of consuming media is watching TV, but an extremely close 63 per cent say they're more interested in social media and personal internet use.

81 per cent of Australians own a smartphone, and 63 per cent own a tablet — and these are being pushed along by those Aussies aged 48 and older. Many of those — 80 per cent — will be using their mobile device while watching TV, but barely a fifth of those second-screeners are actually researching content related to the show they're watching.

72 per cent of Australians "binge-watch" three or more episodes of a TV show in the row when given the chance, and 26 per cent do that every week. Almost half of the survey's respondents said they download or rent TV shows and movies online (although it's not immediately clear how much of that is illegitimate) — much improved over the quarter that still visit a Blockbuster or Video Ezy or other physical rental store.

You can read the Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2014 here. [Deloitte]



    Australians Are Switching Their TV Watching To Tablets And SmartphonesYeah, not this Australian... I didn't buy my 55" LCD for nothing, and when I can afford a 60 odd inch OLED, I'm getting one of those..! :)

    I have no idea why @par3000 decided to downvote this..? There was nothing vindictive in my comments..! Just seems like being nasty for the sake of it to me..!

    Last edited 31/07/14 2:32 pm

      Yeah, OLED 4K. It'll be a while before this Australian will be able to afford one of those.

      Yawn you got a 55" screen without a media hub... such a waste

        Why would you assume I don't have a media Hub..?
        My Home theatre system is quite rich, thank you very much... NAS, XBMC, PVR's, what more do I need..?

        Last edited 01/08/14 8:45 am

    I watch TV (on my big screen TV) AND peruse the internet simultaneously. I also run a PVR to collect shows during the week.

    Large screens will always be required for shared viewing and big screen movies (and in my case, big screen gaming)

    Why would anyone choose to watch something intended for the big screen on a tiny screen, other than the obvious "on the train" type scenarios?

    Hardly going to be an awesome, immersive experience as it is intended to be.

    with what we have on offer here,
    Best Online experience -> iView
    Good selection of Programs -> iView, TenPlus
    Worst service / does not work -> SBS on Demand
    Ad and crap ridden -> 7 Yahoo

    This is the legal streaming TV that is available. Is there anything else that is available - legally?

    Early TV's, small screens, hard to see from a distance. Any phone the small sizes, good for one thing, making phone calls.

    I really need to look at that (really tiny) survey in a bit more detail, but the wording in the article definitely doesn't gel with the title. I think you might have drawn the wrong conclusion.

    People aren't watching TV on their phones, they're using their phones WHILE watching TV. Huge difference.

    To me, that indicates more people getting bored with their TV or having it running in the background while they flit their attention between that and the validation boost of responses to internet posts, during boring bits or ads.

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