Australia Is One Of The Worst Places On Reddit

If you've ever been onto the r/australia subreddit, you know that it's mostly ranting about the National Broadband Network, the government and its various shortcomings and other rubbish going on around the country. According to new analysis of sentiment on Reddit, r/australia is one of the unfriendliest places to browse and comment.

According to comment analysis done by GetRedditAlerts this week, Australia is the second most negative community on Reddit. The organisation looked at roughly 20,000 comments from around Reddit to determine the top 10 most positive and top 10 most negative subreddit communities.

Here's the list of most negative subreddits:

Australia is far from the most negative subreddit, with that honour going to r/MMA. There are some angry folk over there.

The only other country that gets a shout out for negativity is Canada, coming in at ninth place.

Conversely, here are the most positive subreddits:

Small note: before you go checking it out on your lunch hour, Gone Wild is NSFW. You were warned.

Don't be disheartened about how negative you are, however: the study is not without fault here and there.

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The methodology is a little sketchy, and only 20,000 comments from Reddit were analysed. Given that Reddit attracts billions of views and hundreds of millions of comments per month, it's quite a small sample size. Plus you have to consider that the comments analysed were scooped up in November last year. That means the sentiment in r/australia may have changed over the last few months or so.

Either way, a smile never hurt anyone, r/australia. [GetRedditAlerts]



    > Data from 2013
    > 20000 comments isn't enough for a wide dataset

    But that aside, /r/Australia is a negative subreddit that needs to take a chill pill with all the political posts.

    Last edited 11/07/14 11:32 am

      Without seeing their analysis methods, it could just be that /r/australia isn't afraid to drop a few c-bombs here and there.

      We're a bunch of self-deprecating c*nts but that doesn't mean we hate everyone.

    just come and hang out on r/trees maaaaaan, we're all happy chill bros there

    Reddit is one of the worst places on the internet.

    The author should learn some basic statistics, or have a quick look at a sample vs population calculator like for a quick cheat. 20000 comments is more than plenty for a quite accurate rating of hundreds of millions of comments. For any population to be sampled over about 20000, around 400 samples is good for a 5% margin of error.

      Only if they are chosen at random though.
      There'd be biases in the data based on how many comments were taken from each of those subreddits, time of day, whether the users were regular posters etc.

      20k is a wildly large sample size, but we don't know how many comments were taken from each sub and how they were chosen :)

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