Audi Turned 28 Cars Into A Giant World Cup Scoreboard

In what could turn out to be yet another vain attempt to get most Americans to like — or even mildly appreciate — soccer, Audi created a giant World Cup scoreboard made from something the country definitely loves: cars.

Assembled on the shores of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the scoreboard was built using 42 shipping containers stacked to form a giant pixel display. But instead of using LEDs or LCDs to form the numbers, 28 Audi A8 sedans filled the shipping containers, using their headlights and brake lights to light up the inside of each one as goals were scored.

The giant scoreboard will be in place for the duration of the World Cup, because given it’s only capable of showing a single digit score for each team, it’s pretty much useless for any other sport — except maybe hockey. [YouTube via Notcot]