Apple's iPhone And iPad Trade-In Scheme Kicks Off In Australia

Got an old iPhone or iPad kicking around in your drawer at home? Now it's finally worth something: As expected, Apple has kicked off its iPhone and iPad Recycling Scheme in Australia that will see customers paid up to $250 for their old gadgets.

From today, all 21 Apple Stores around the country will allow customers to trade in their iPhone and iPads for credit on new models.

Customers will get up to $250 credit on an iPhone, and up to $215 credit on an iPad. Of course, that credit has limits: it can only be used to upgrade to a new iPhone or iPad.

Apple Geniuses will be assessing the devices as they come in and using a scale to determine the trade-in value. The device's iteration, condition and overall value will be assessed before a value is determined.

Apple says that only a few devices are restricted from trade-in. You won't be able to trade original model iPhones (such as the iPhone 3GS) or first-generation iPads. Apple also won't be accepting new models such as the iPhone 5s or iPad Air.

The news comes after an earlier report saying that the company would pursue the scheme in Australia.



    So you mean I can go to Apple, give them my old device, and get less money for it because someone who needs a manual to tell them which way to turn a screw is determining its worth?

    Wow Apple, I like just about everything you do, but this is a waste of energy.

      It's for people who don't have time to go and advertise to sell. Those people may also not want to have phones lying around at home when either someone else can use them, or that the materials can be properly recycled. If you can get a better price somewhere else, they ain't stopping you, since your selling it to someone else that will cherish it still keeps their iOS user numbers up and increases chances of spending in their app/itunes store.

      I wonder if there are stupid people that actually take this offer... it's a blatant rip off, you can get more through ebay or gumtree.

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        It'll be the same people who trade in their games to EB Games for $5 a piece.

    I think its a great idea, from both a sustainability point of view, and also potentially from an economic point of view for apple consumers (if they can more conveniently get money back on their old devices rather than ebaying them or whatever).

    It doesn't seem like it will be that hard to come up with a simple, idiot proof pricing regime: e.g. base price for particular models, take off x% it is scuffed up, take off y% of it is externally damaged (e.g. screen crack), take off z% if it is internally faulty (regardless of the fault, if it just doesn't work correctly).

    I'm just hoping that you still get money back on faulty devices. I have a 1.5 year old ipad 4 that's in close-to-new external condition, and hasn't been dropped or anything, but the screen simply stopped working, out of warranty. Doubt I'd get much for it on ebay, I wonder what I could get for it at apple?

      If it's an iPad 4th generation it should still be within it's 2 year Australian warranty. Ive taken loads of faulty devices to the Apple store and they replace it with a new one for free.

      Under Australian consumer law you should be able to claim warranty on an iPad that has seen minimal use based on the fact that it is a premiumly priced device. You should expect it to last twice as long as a device half the price, the law covers this!

        Actually Apple have defined a "reasonable length of time".

        Basically apple covers devices that would pass a warranty check for 24 months from date of purchase under Australian consumer law. 24 months is standard mobile service contract length so I personally see it as acceptable

        Hi, they are not replaced with a brand new device. Even under warranty they are replaced with a refurbished model. E.g. The motherboard is old but they have a new housing, new battery, new screen if necessary etc

        Here is a link as they also sell these refurbished models ... As it will explain what they do to them to resell them etc.

        You will notice that these refurbished units come in a black box with a service docket / sticker on them and are given to the customer as a replacement.

    so my 64GB iPad (that I paid around $900 for) is worth 'up to' $215? Wow, thanks!
    it's almost as bad as what Optus is offering for iPhone trade ins.
    Ebay, here I come.

      Even better: the brand new replacement 64GB iPhone 5 you gave me is only gonna get $250?

    I've got an iPhone 4 I've been looking to upgrade. It has a smashed back panel, wonder how much I they'd give me for it? I'd be interested if anyone tries this.


      Back glass are very easy to replace yourself and they only cost about $9 on eBay to buy. Two screws, slide the back over off, slide new cover on and do up the screws - like new!

    Sell it to Apple or some idiot on Gumtree who will pay $600-$700 still? Yeah...

      A product's value is based on what someone is willing to pay for it and nothing else. If people are willing to pay 6-700 for a iPhone 4 than that is the value of it.. I don't see how you can call them idiots.

    better off using a site like

      Id get $150 TO 125 for my iPhone 4 32Gb, i wodner what apple will give me (though its unlikely ill be getting an iPhone 6 it'll be between that and and a Nexus 6 i think, ill let them duke it out and then decide, if i don't smash my phone out of frustration).

      Apple really should be paying more to coerce people to upgrade.

        Apple says *up to* $215, so that means a perfect condition iphone 5S 64GB.
        That site offers $550 for one, so on that ratio, apple will probably give you $50.

          maybe, you cant exactly use normal ratios to calculate apple prices, since they charge on a logarithmic scale for purchasing although they are such assholes they probably would pay a disproportionate amount for getting it back.

          But the article also says they wont accept 5S (maybe 5c as well) so a 5 32gig = 360 is $110 more than apples max. Of course thats is still much betterthan selling back to apple (and you don't have to get an iPhone with the money either),

    $250 is the maximum they'll pay? I think I'll pass. I only have a 4S but it's a 64GB model in perfect condition, so I'm sure I could get a better deal than $250 by selling it privately.

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    Sounds like a good idea, especially when there's people like me with the Home button being quite unreliable because they're so poor in durability (honestly, they need to take a glance at a Samsung and use touch buttons instead because its the 2nd most common problem outside of a broken screen)

    Might use it to trade in for an iPhone 6 at some point, assuming that the iPhone 4 doesn't get taken off their return list

    It's a good idea for those too lazy to spend time finding a buyer. The thing is, there's lots of buyers out there, so the saavy of us will make a lot more money selling private.

      There are plenty of places that will do the same thing and offer 3x the ammount, eg a quick google shows this, who offer $550 compared to apples $200 for a top range iphone.

    Your method of explaining the whole thing in this post is in fact pleasant, every one be capable of effortlessly be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

    Heard Apple evades Taxes in Australia...

    yep , i paid full price on a brand new iphone for my son
    within a yr it stuffed up .. i took it back to apple and they gave me a " new " replacement .. yeh right , it lasted 1 month .. i received another " new " .... it pisses me off that i paid full price for a phone that stuffs up and they replace it with a crappy second hand one ..... i think ill try Samsung next ... for mine and my sons phones

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