Apple's iPhone And iPad Trade-In Scheme Kicks Off In Australia

Got an old iPhone or iPad kicking around in your drawer at home? Now it's finally worth something: As expected, Apple has kicked off its iPhone and iPad Recycling Scheme in Australia that will see customers paid up to $250 for their old gadgets.

From today, all 21 Apple Stores around the country will allow customers to trade in their iPhone and iPads for credit on new models.

Customers will get up to $250 credit on an iPhone, and up to $215 credit on an iPad. Of course, that credit has limits: it can only be used to upgrade to a new iPhone or iPad.

Apple Geniuses will be assessing the devices as they come in and using a scale to determine the trade-in value. The device's iteration, condition and overall value will be assessed before a value is determined.

Apple says that only a few devices are restricted from trade-in. You won't be able to trade original model iPhones (such as the iPhone 3GS) or first-generation iPads. Apple also won't be accepting new models such as the iPhone 5s or iPad Air.

The news comes after an earlier report saying that the company would pursue the scheme in Australia.

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