A Sneak Peek At Five Brand-New Products In Next Year’s IKEA Catalogue

A Sneak Peek At Five Brand-New Products In Next Year’s IKEA Catalogue

It’s that time of the year, folks. The new IKEA catalogue is heading towards mailboxes around the world, and it’s full of neat little tweaks to the lines you’ve come to love. There’s also a handful of completely new products that you’ll love even more.

IKEA offered a peek at the new products (and some old ones too) at a press preview of its new catalogue in SoHo on Wednesday. Past the cinnamon rolls, Swedish cheeses and free hair-braiding station, the event looked a lot like an IKEA showroom, except easier to navigate. This year’s catalogue, the IKEA employees there told us, highlights the bedroom and the bathroom, where most people start and end their days. As such, the new products put extra emphasis on making your personal time a little bit more personal.

While that sort of line is usually reserved for PR pitches, a lot of the new IKEA products live up to the hype. There’s a renewed focus on modular furniture that fit individual needs. A whole new line of solid pinewood furniture features a more traditional look without losing the versatility that IKEA’s known for. And every single item in a new line of rugs is guaranteed to be completely unique. Face it: IKEA’s never been a mecca for individuality, but they’re clearly trying.

You can flip through the new catalogue in its entirety here. In the meantime, here are a few of our favourite new items.

Nordli Chest of Drawers

At first glance, the newest addition to Ikea’s Nordli line just looks like another dresser. But closer inspection reveals that it’s actually a modular dresser system. The small two-drawer units can be combined to create larger units, and the larger units can be combined to make even larger units. Convenient, right? The cost of said convenience is TBD.

Silkeborg Runner

Speaking of combining units, these handmade Silkeborg rugs are actually made up of vintage rugs from Turkey that have been sewn together to create a new rug. Despite the different origins, the finished mosaic feels like one solid, seamless textile. It will cost you about $350 though.

PS 2014 Chair

While the PS 2014 line is not new, this cabana of a lounge chair is. It’s great for making corners better for sitting and can also block the wind if you put it outside. It will retail for about $400.

Hurdal Bed

This is that whole new line of pinewood furniture mentioned earlier. Evidently, Ikea customers wanted more traditional designs, so Ikea came up with a whole collection of solid wood pieces. The queen bed pictured will run around $400, while the rest of the line ranges from $150 for a bedside table to $600 for a wardrobe.

Arkelstorp Desk

The other brand new line that Ikea’s releasing next year is called the Arkelstorp collection. Inspired by Swedish folklore, it manages to put a modern twist on an otherwise very traditional design. And perhaps most importantly, it is also all solid wood. The desk is particularly handsome at around $250, but the coffee table is also pretty appealing at under $200.

Pictures: Nick Stango / IKEA