A Rechargeable Tower Fan That Lets You Take A Breeze Wherever You Need

A Rechargeable Tower Fan That Lets You Take a Breeze Wherever You Need

A fan is only a useful way to beat the heat if you're in range of its blast. So to ensure the use of this GreenFan isn't limited by the location of your outlets or the length of its cord, it features an optional rechargeable battery so you can place it exactly where you need to cool off.

The $US340+ fan features a dual set of blades to help optimise and extend airflow while minimising noise. It can also oscillate a full 150 degrees, but you can easily limit that range by manually pointing the fan at a specific start and stop point.

For an additional $US88 you can add the optional rechargeable battery and dock that allows the fan to operate for a full 20 hours — presumably at its lowest setting — without it having to be tethered to an outlet. It's an expensive option, for sure, but it seems far more effective than those cheap battery-powered handheld fans, especially if you're not the only person in a room suffering from the heat. [Balmuda via Homecrux]

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