A Carbon Fibre Eames Sofa Combines Amazing Design And Exotic Materials

A Carbon Fibre Eames Sofa Combines Amazing Design and Exotic Materials

We wonder whether furniture can really get any better than this: an Eames-style sofa, woven from the awesome material that is carbon fibre. This might be living room heaven.

The brainchild of Matthew Strong, the sofa uses 12k carbon fibre tow to form what looks like a woven caning pattern. The geometry of the weave makes it strong but light, and the pattern was thought through to maximise cross-bond adhesion. Strong explains to Mocoloco:

"It's transparency lays bare its own construction methodology, and allows visual access to every part of the base, giving it an aesthetic coherence that feels both uncanny and curiously natural... Each iteration of the design was thicker than the last in order to strengthen it enough to hold multiple sitters."

Obviously. In fact, the design is based on a series of extruded fibreglass shell armchair prototypes that can be seen at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Wherever it's from, we know we're in love with it. [Mocoloco]

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