A Better First Aid Kit That Makes Suggestions And Knows What's Missing

A Better First Aid Kit That Makes Suggestions and Knows What's Missing

Even a well-stocked first-aid kit is all but useless if you crack it open but have no idea what's actually needed for a particular emergency. So these aptly-named Clever Medkits feature a series of buttons and LED lighting that only illuminates the medical supplies needed for a specific injury, and it will even remind you when it's time to restock.

A Better First Aid Kit That Makes Suggestions and Knows What's Missing

Shaped like a giant green medical cross, it's highly recognisable and easy to spot in an emergency, and at a quick glance it's easy to tell if it's fully stocked or missing important items. Every compartment features sensors and coloured LED lighting, so when something runs out not only does its empty hole glow red, but a light at the top of the machine does too.

A built-in camera at the top lets you keep tabs on who's accessing the first-aid kit, to help discourage employees from wasting or straight-up stealing supplies. And the whole thing is connected to the internet so that even if you're nowhere near the kit, you can check its inventory and order supplies to re-stock it from anywhere.

As for pricing, the Clever Medkits can't be bought outright, they can only be rented from the company, which includes the cost of the accompanying apps and online services. It certainly helps prevent the kits from being something that's purchased, hung on a wall, and then forgotten, but the thought of missing a payment and having a repo man stop by to reclaim it is a little concerning. [Clever Medkits via DamnGeeky]

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