A $13 Wearable You'll Actually Want To Wear

A $US13 Wearable You'll Actually Want to Wear

While the most we've seen of Apple's smartwatch is a patent, Xiaomi (a company often referred to as the "Chinese Apple") just announced a new line of $US13 (!) wearables. And even better — they actually look like something you'd want to wear.

The Mi Band line may not have a display, but it does pack in a number of health-tracking sensors, a vibrating alarm, and a 30-day battery life. While that may not seem like much compared to some of the other activity trackers hitting the market, all the basics for less than $US15 is still a steal.

And while the Mi Band still comes in the requisite neon rubber, Xiamoi is thankfully acknowledging the need for a more elegant design in wearable world. The one's below are fine, but the Mi Band up top is beautiful.

A $US13 Wearable You'll Actually Want to Wear

Unfortunately the Mi Band is only available in China. But at the very least, it's something to hope for. [Gizmodo Español, Slashgear]

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