5 Bikes Designed To Survive The Big Cities Of The Future

5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

The Bike Design Project is a huge effort to push urban cycling into the future: Five teams across five US cities designed what they believe to be the best urban bike for their respective home towns. So what does a bike designed specifically for San Francisco, Seattle, New York and other major American cities look like? Cool as hell, for starters.

The final designs in the project were officially unveiled last night, and Gizmodo even got to see one of the bikes up close. But below, check out the rest of the bunch and see what you think. If you like what you see, vote for your favourite to be put into production here.

DENNY, Seattle

5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

The Denny is the result of a TEAGUE and Sizemore Bicycles collaboration. It aims to take cycling to its utmost carefree, comfortable, and safe level. It utilizes automatic shifting, pedal assist, turn signals, brake lights and so on. It's almost like having every feature in your car -- but on a bike.

EVO, San Francisco

5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

The EVO, designed be HUGE and 4130 Cycle Works of PCH Lime Lab, is a stab at making the perfect bicycle for hilly San Francisco. The big selling point of the EVO is its front and tail modular systems -- which mean that different accessories can be mounted with ease.


5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

MNML and Method collaborated on an incredibly tough-looking commuter bike for the equally tough Chicago streets. Incorporating blinkers on the tips of the handlebars as well as a modern belt drive, this is certainly a forward looking bike.

SOLID, Portland

5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

Solid is a fascinating 3D-printed bike designed in collaboration between Industry and Ti Cycles. The Solid uses a combination of haptic feedback -- in other words, vibrating -- in the handlebars in conjunction with an app to guide commuters through beautiful areas of Portland without having to stop and look at a map.

MERGE, New York

5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

The Merge is a bike designed in and around New York City. Built thin and compact, but as useful as a utility knife, this killer bike was designed by a team comprised of Pensa Design Studios and Horse Cycles.

Head over to the Oregon Manifest page to vote for the bike that's your favourite. Whichever bike wins the vote will be made into a limited production run.



    "Haptic feedback". Clearly designed by someone who's never ridden on a real road before...

    City bikes defeat the purpose of having a bicycle - a multi-purpose and adaptable mode of transport for all terrains/requirements.

    But I'm mountain biker who rides in the city. The mountain bike is much better for curbs, poor roads, weather conditions (large surface area = better handling in the wet), comfort (front and rear suspension make a HUGE difference to the ride comfort) control and maneuverability.

    The mountain bike can accept a trailer, pack racks front and rear and obviously panniers to suit.

    BUT, if you want to be a hipster, and purchase a single use, limited expansion device - go ahead. Just ride safe and be courteous to ALL other road users.

    (apologies for the high and mighty rant - I just feel that companies have co-opted the freedom and versatility of the humble bike)

    Last edited 31/07/14 1:04 pm

      Same, I couldn't stand just sticking to smooth roads, they are just too few and far between. Often the curb/footpath/grass/stairs is the better route.

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