Zooming Into A Microchip Video Causes Brain Meltdown In My Sorry Skull

Zoom into a microchip video causes brain meltdown in my sorry skull

Zooming into a computer chip going from a digital camera's zoom to a scanning electron microscope leaves me as dizzy and amazed as zooming into the universe itself. I still can't believe any of this. It's insane. It's magics. Seriously. I mean, watch this video and really think about what's going on here.

We can build these nanoscopic structures that let us write and take pictures and play music and communicate and go to space and do anything we want. Through waves! And electric impulses! And tiny points that illuminate thousands of times per second! And we take it all for granted.

If I really think about it, my brain starts to melt. You may as well tell me these metal and glass boxes run on magic liquid gold distilled from the testicles of Odin's unicorns and I would believe it just the same as I believe all the scientific principles.

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