Your X-Men Movie Collection Will Never Look As Good As This One

The traditional way to display one's collection of DVDs and Blu-ray movies is to whack them on a conveniently-positioned bookshelf, preferably in a public space where friends can admire your dedication to the slowly-dying medium of physical discs. But movies aren't books. They should be on a movie-shelf. Or if it happens to be your collection of X-Men films, this glorious contraption.

If you're looking for a link to ThinkGeek or Etsy, I'm sorry to say this is a concept only, delivered from the mind of designer Dave Delisle. It's actually one of his many great fictional creations, all of which you can check out on his website.

But back to the X-Men thing. Here it is as a plain 3D render:

I'm now racking my brains for other superheroes you could do a treatment like this for.

Five minutes later...

Cases hanging from webs for Spider-Man? That's all I have, folks.

[Dave's Geeky Ideas, via The Nerdist]

Images: Dave Delisle


    Shut up and take my money damn it! I keep pressing money against the monitor but nothing happens!!!

    Would be awesome, except you know that when Apocolypse comes out on dvd it will ruin your awesome display.

      That's the beauty of that display, the ends are like bookends that can fit as many cases as your shelf allows, the figure just goes in the middle.

    Albeit the spelling mistake, you can see the artist has already accounted for Apocalypse :)

    You could do a tribute to the new superman movie, just break all your discs trash the covers and them throw them all over the place.

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