What It Takes To Shoot Jaw-Dropping Photos Inside Giant Caves

Video: Photographer Chris Higgins has been fascinated by caves ever since he was a kid. When he found that words weren't enough to describe the beauty of what he saw in the caves he explored, he began photographing them. Now, he shoots heart-stopping underground images, and the guys from JOBY followed along to see how much hard work that takes. Something that you don't consider when ogling Chris's images is the sheer bulk of time that they require — a single shot could involve up to 12 hours of climbing, crawling, rappelling, wriggling and setting up flashes and triggers.

The fact that all this occurs in remote, near-unreachable places underground, where Chris can only use the gear he's carried on his back, makes it that much more amazing.

[JOBY via PetaPixel]

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