Watch This Diamond-Dusted Robot Saw Through Marble Like It's Hot Butter

Watch This Diamond-Dusted Robot Saw Through Marble Like It's Hot Butter

There are lots of fun ways to watch machines show-off: see them play massive Jenga games; ooh and aah as they draw peens and portraits; or, in the case of Carrara Robotics, check out a wire-saw saturated with diamond dust slice through a chunk of marble like it it's absolutely nothing.

One of the coolest things about the work done by Carrara is that it's not just carving a big ol' block. The end result is a thin, curvy-swervy strip of smooth metamorphic rock.

Watch This Diamond-Dusted Robot Saw Through Marble Like It's Hot Butter

The vid was a submission to oROB|ARCH 2014, a conference that gives a creative outlet to industrial equipment; a celebration of sorts for their mad fabrication skills in architecture, art, and design. Obviously tech advancements are helping these tools become more adept at all kinds of "smart" tasks, allowing them to learn how to adjust for real-time tweaks, while also multi-tasking and taking on on-site constructions.

There were a bunch of great entries, including custom software controlling a bot that does incredibly detailed Face Cartography composed of 600 images and 900 million pixels; processing sound by milling a song into a circular MDF panel; and a truly trippy interface between the physical and digital world.

It's exciting to imagine how these unique techniques will be developed in the coming years; I'm picturing an exquisite corpse-style project where an assembled team lets loose on some kind of cool collaboration. Or: They take over the world. [Prosthetic Knowledge]

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    If the marble was like hot butter it would be a puddle on the floor - butter melts when it is hot. I feel silly even having to explain that. What you mean is like a hot knife through butter. Marble is also quite soft as far a rock goes (hence it widespread use in sculpture) so it is not that surprising that a diamond coated cutting wire can slice easily though it. Note the wire is not 'saturated' as written in the article, the diamond is a coating on the cutting nodes spaced along the wire; as you can see on the video the whole wire is not even diamond coated. I am most impressed by the whole arm/saw set-up

    @aaronm. Unfortunately many reporters use similes incorrectly.
    A better simile would be, "Watch This Diamond-Dusted Robot Saw Through Marble Like A Wire Cuts Through Cheese."

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