Watch /DRIVE’s Monaco Special Right Here

Watch /DRIVE’s Monaco Special Right Here

/DRIVE’s YouTube operation is been the channel of record when it comes to great online motoring videos. NBC in the US saw the potential, and decided to give the lads a shot at their own cable show. Being magnanimous folk, /DRIVE decided to upload the whole thing for our viewing pleasure.

Using the cars from three brands on the grid for the Monaco Grand Prix, Chris Harris and his mates trundled towards the famous seaside playground in a theatre of million-dollar noise.

/DRIVE took to its Facebook page this morning and apologised for not posting the special sooner, citing challenges between the offline and online world and rights to the footage.

What we can tell you, in a broad sense, is that /DRIVE’s first priority is independence, and that means we’re in a constant struggle to do what we love to do — produce great car videos and engage our audience in enjoying and talking about cars. That’s all we want to do. Struggle is good, of course, but it means sometimes we have to pull back and take stock of what it is we’re doing and how we can get our projects done without losing our autonomy.

A bit of that is happening now, but we’ve got some really great stuff in the pipeline and we’ve got a solid plan for the future. And while we’re all feeling our way through our new relationship with cable TV, there are some tricky things we need to work through — what footage can be shown where, and etc — when trying to get internet and TV to play nice. It’s taken longer than we thought it would, but when it’s all worked out, it’s another thing we won’t have to think about again.

So, again, sorry for the wait, but it’ll be worth it.

The special is well and truly worth it. Here’s to more!