Transforming Optimus Prime Pen Will Make You The Envy Of The Playground

We've all been there. You get to your office / school / university and prepare to pull out your pen to engage in busywork, when you realise how seriously uncool your choice of writing implement is. Anxiety hits. Sweat drips down your forehead. You stare in shame at the modern-day quill in your hand and decide there's only one way forward: Buy a working Transformers pen from Japan.

Fortunately, if you're in the market for an Autobots-inspired pen, HobbyLink Japan has just the product for you — three of them in fact.

Priced at ¥3582 ($US35, or around $37 in local dollars at current exchange rates), the "Transformers Convoy (Optimus Prime) Pen" not only functions as an actual thing you can scribble with, it doubles as a 10.5cm-tall poseable figurine. In fact, when not in pen form, you'd be hard-pressed to deduce it was anything other than a toy.

If the regular Optimus Prime colour scheme doesn't do it for you, there are two alternate paintjobs — a Decepticon one and another labelled "Ultra Magnus". Note that they're slightly more expensive, $US37 and $US39 respectively.

At 14.3cm-long in writeable form, it's not the most comfortable object to hold in hand, but hey, who cares if you look totally radical while grasping it?

[HobbyLink Japan via, Geekologie]

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