This Beautiful Bench Has A Real Sense Of Balance

This Beautiful Bench Has a Real Sense of Balance

If you like to challenge gravity, the Leaning Bench might be just the ticket for you: it uses physics to stay upright, but fans of sudden movements may find that they need to sit a little more carefully if they're to remain seated.

Created by Izabela Boloz, the bench features just two legs, and relies on friction at the wall and floor to remain upright. She explains:

"It's all down to balance. By simply leaning the bench back against the wall elegantly, the design creates sufficient stability, while playfully challenging gravity. The result is a surprising and engaging object with a fluid simplicity, uncluttered by extra supports. Less really is more in this case. Rubber underneath the legs prevents slipping, making this ash bench suitable for any floor. It is big enough to seat two people."

Preferably two people who don't wriggle around too much. But, as the pictures shows, it's certainly stable — enough to even stand on if you dare. It costs $US800 and is available directly from Izabela Boloz. [Izabela Boloz via MocoLoco]

This Beautiful Bench Has a Real Sense of Balance

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