The PlayStation TV Is Coming To Australia

The PlayStation TV Is Coming To Australia

The PlayStation TV, released exclusively to Japan in late 2013 as the Vita TV, is coming to Australia this spring. The mini-console is basically a cross between a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Vita, letting you play handheld Vita games on the big screen with a PS3 controller.

As well as playing Vita games on your TV, the PlayStation TV can also stream to and from a PlayStation 4 on the same network — basically acting like Steam In-Home Streaming but for PlayStation consoles. If you already own a PS4, this is probably the most interesting feature of the PlayStation TV — especially if it’s reasonably cheap.

The Vita TV costs around US$100 if you buy it in Japan, so its PlayStation TV sibling should be affordable once landed and stocked on Australian store shelves. Vita games and PS4 streaming come in addition to the PlayStation TV’s Web browser and international support for video on demand services like Hulu; it’s unlikely we’ll get any of those apps, but the box might turn out to be a cheap and versatile way to turn an old dumb TV into a smart Web-enabled one.

The PlayStation TV (PSTV?) doesn’t yet have a price or release date, but it will be coming to Australian shores. We’ll let you know more information as soon as it becomes available.

Update: Sony has officially confirmed the price and a rough release date for the PlayStation TV. At a decent $149.95 RRP, the console will be out in Australia “this spring” — in the three months from September to November.