The Long-Neglected 16GB iPod Touch Gets A Camera And A Price Cut

The Long-Neglected 16GB iPod Touch Gets a Camera And a Price Cut

While it might surprise some that the iPod touch is still trundling along, the entire lineup has gotten a significant price cut today — and the lowest-end version picked up a fancy new camera and a colour spectrum.

The 16GB iPod touch now costs $249 in Australia and comes in pink, yellow, blue and grey in addition to the silver that existed before. It's also added a 5MP rear camera, where previously it had none. The rest of the lineup — the 32GB and 64GB iPod touch — now cost $299 and $349 respectively.

That's about it for upgrades though; it has the same three-year-old A5 processor, middling RAM and other ho-hum specs. That's OK though! The iPod touch is the perfect device for kids who aren't old enough for phones but ARE old enough for Instagram and I dunno maybe Where's My Water? You know, kid things, that don't demand a full arsenal of computing power but do benefit from a pink shell. [Apple]

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