The First Smart Ceiling Fan Only Runs When You’re There To Enjoy It

Do you notice anything missing on this ceiling fan? The dangling chains that are commonly used to turn them on and adjust their speed are gone. And they haven’t just been replaced with a wireless remote. This is the first intelligent ceiling fan that only runs when it detects people in a room, and automatically adjusts itself to keep the temperature perfect.

Designed and built by a company called Big Ass Fans, the Haiku is its first model to incorporate its SenseME technology which uses a combination of built-in sensors to autonomously control the fan’s speed to maintain the perfect temperature. It also automatically turns on when someone enters a room, and then automatically turns off when the last person leaves.

Using a smartphone app, the Haiku SenseME can be scheduled to turn on or off at a set time, and with a built-in LED it even has a ‘Gradual Awake’ mode which slowly brings the fan to life in the morning to wake you from your slumber. You can adjust the speed of the fan using your phone to ensure you’re perfectly comfortable, and it will remember your adjustments and attempt to maintain your temperature preferences by itself from then on.

When available later this year, the Haiku fan with the SenseME technology upgrades will run $US1045. As far as ceiling fans go, it is incredibly expensive. But after Apple’s HomeKit announcement yesterday, it’s a brave new world when it comes to smart home and automation, and maybe now’s the time to get a head start on the future. [Big Ass Fans]