The FCC Gets The Premium Cable Takedown It Deserves

The death of net neutrality is a looming catastrophe that the Federal Communications Commission in the US thinks it can slip past you, while you just twiddle your thumbs and fail to notice how much of a farce the whole process is. If that hasn't hit home just yet, John Oliver's explanation from last night's Last Week Tonight is a solid (and funny) recap.

Laid out point for point with amusing floating-in-the-left-corner-of-the-screen images, swear words and appalling facts, it'd be hard for anyone to ignore the gravity and the absurdity of the situation, even while you're chuckling. So sit back, take it in and soak in how preposterous it is that any of this is happening. And then go yell at the FCC and tell them to knock it off. [Last Week Tonight]

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