Tesla Model S To Hit Aussie Roads From September

Tesla Model S To Hit Aussie Roads From September

Got your $100,000 ready? Freed up a power point in the garage? Good! You’re almost ready to pre-order your very own Tesla Model S. Once your money is down and the papers are signed, when will you get your pride and joy? According to a new report, you’ll have to wait until September.

The 100 or so Australian Model S recipients will all be able to have their cars by September according to a new report by the Australian Financial Review.

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Owners have all paid a minimum of $98,000 for the privilege of driving the futuristic electric sports car, with some ordering models ranging right up the the $200,000 price tag.

Despite the fact that the cars will be on the roads for us to gawk at from September, owners will still have to wait until next year for even a glimpse at the first Supercharger station in Australia, with a larger Supercharger network rolling out after that.

Head over to the AFR to read why Simon Hackett, Internode founder and NBN Co board member, has three Tesla Roadsters and two Model S vehicles on order. [AFR]