Take A Ride In The Batmobile Around Sydney With Groupon

Do you fight crime daily? Are you a fan of moulded rubber and black Latex? Do you want the true-to-life Batman experience? Well, you're in luck —- if you're in Sydney, you can take Australia's only Batmobile out for a spin.

Groupon is offering a limited number of joyrides in the car, available only to Sydney residents. The Batmobile, built over two years to match the one on screen in Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster, uses a custom chassis because no other road-going vehicle would match its long, sleek dimensions. It's the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere, and one of only a few completed to this standard around the world.

Its body panels are spares from the original production, shipped to Australia and carefully fitted to the frame, and there's space for one passenger in the Batmobile, alongside owner and creator Zac Mihajlovic — wearing, as you'd expect, a replica Batman suit and mask.

Groupon is selling 50 20-minute joyrides in the Batmobile, as well as 10 four-hour jaunts around the city as a 'Gotham City' experience. Personally, I prefer the Tumbler, but each to their own. [Groupon]



    I'm surprised that he didn't go for a custom set of number plates though. I'm guessing BATMAN is probably taken, though what about something like IMBTMN or GOTHAM

      I know B4TM4N is already on a Murcielago: http://instagram.com/p/iaebD4Mbf6/

        i saw B4TMAN on a c63 amg black the other day. it was doing laps around the city or something cause i walked into a coffee shop near hyde park then 30 mins later i saw it again as i was driving home near world square...still cruising around with no purpose

      I already know the guy with IMBTMN.

      We call him Buttman.

    Maybe the only registered one, but not the only one. WB Movie World have one of the batmobiles from the movies, or did last time I was there.

      They also have a mocked up version from the dark knight that they use in their parade.

    wow that is an ugly batmobile. especially from the side

      It seems to be built just like the one in the movie though. Personally this is my fav movie Batmobile (not not my fav Batman movie, just the Batmobile, though Michael Keaton is prob my second fav Batman, next to Christian Bale)

    That looks like you would be getting pretty cozy in that cabin after a 4 hour "experience"

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