Steam Summer Sales: The 10 Best Last-Minute Bargains

Steam Summer Sales: The 10 Best Last-Minute Bargains

It’s the last day of the Steam Summer Sales, and for the next few hours, Valve is bringing back all of its best deals. Get the best bang for your gaming buck with our last-minute picks!

All prices are in $US.

You’ve got until 2am (AEST) tomorrow morning to get your mitts on these deals!

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

$US36.81 — 33 Per Cent Off

If you want to carry on the adventures of everyone’s favourite school kids from South Park, The Stick Of Truth is for you. Just don’t get upset when you get to the scenes Aussies can’t play because censorship.

Portal 2

$US4.99 — 75 Per Cent Off

This game should be mandatory for everyone who has ever held a controller, mouse or bashed W, A, S and D, and at less than $5, there’s never been a better time to go back to Aperture Science.

Tomb Raider

$US4.99 — 75 Per Cent Off

If you haven’t played the new, gritty reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, you’re missing out. It’s a beautiful game with a gripping story and graphics that will blow your mind. You get a solid amount of gameplay for your $5 too.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

$US4.99 — 75 Per Cent Off

Want to go back to where the arse-kicking Batman franchise began for PC? Arkham Asylum is the place to do it.

The Walking Dead

$US6.24 — 75 Per Cent Off

Telltale Games’ take on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is harrowing, heartbreaking and brilliant in every way. I can’t recommend it enough, and for $6, you’d be insane not to get it.

Far Cry 3

$7.48 — 75 Per Cent Off

Shooting people on an island to obnoxious dubstep? Sold.

The Stanley Parable

$US5.99 — 60 Per Cent Off

The best part of Steam Sales is playing indie games you’d never get the chance to play on a console. The Stanley Parable is one of those games. I’ll admit, I’ve not played it myself. This one’s a recommendation from Kokaku Australia editor, Mark Serrels. If he says it’s good, it must be!


$US11.24 — 75 Per Cent Off

Need to get your stealth game on? The best one of the last 12 months was easily Bethesda’s Dishonoured. It’s normally $50, reduced to just over $10 for the Steam Sales. Get it while it lasts!

Dark Souls 2

$US48.23 — 33 Per Cent Off

Ready to be frustrated by the sequel to the world’s hardest game? At least the price is nice for a change.

Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition

$US12.83 — 40 Per Cent Off

I saved my personal favourite for last.

Fallout 3 was a game that I bought for Xbox 360 way back in 2008. I’d never played Fallout before and wanted to see what it was all about. What followed was the game disc taking up residence in my console’s CD tray for eight whole months. I’ve always found something new and stupid to do in the Capitol Wasteland. It’s a world of myths and monsters; phat loot and rad crafting. The characters are rich and the landscape is vast. The game itself is $US5 on Steam right now, and the GOTY edition with three addition DLC packs (which I haven’t yet played) is $US12. Can I go home and play it yet?

What’s your favourite game in the Steam Sales? Tell us in the comments what you’ve bought before it’s too late!