Speed Up Google Chrome By 25 Per Cent With The New 64-Bit Install

Do you have a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or 8 running on your PC? If you do, and if you use Google Chrome, you're missing out on an easy and free speed boost for your Web browser: a 64-bit version has just been released, promising speed boosts of up to 25 per cent.

The Chromium blog has all the details: the new 64-bit version of Google Chrome is still in its infancy, having only just been released to Google's Canary and Dev channels for the Chrome browser. Canary won't be what you want -- it's a brand new, nightly build that has hardly any internal testing done before it's released. The Dev version, though, has more checks and balances and while it isn't guaranteed to be without the occasional crash or error, it's the quickest way to get 64-bit Chrome on your PC right now.

The guys at Google suggest that you'll notice performance improvements of up to 25 per cent on graphics- and multimedia-heavy Web pages. Security is improved when you're running the 64-bit version on Windows 8, using new instruction sets and OS features like High Entropy ASLR to lock out browser attacks. Interestingly, the Chromium team also suggests that that 64-bit Chrome, even in Dev form, is more stable than its 32-bit variant: "in particular, crash rates for the the renderer process (i.e. web content process) are almost half that of 32-bit Chrome." [Chromium Blog]


    I'll wait until it hits the beta channel, the dev channel usually has just a bit too many issues for me.

    Are Mozilla working on a Firefox x64?

      Mozilla are working on a 64-bit browser after doing some quick searching, however it is pretty much in dev-test mode at the moment. The alternative that is a decent 64-bit version of Firefox would be Waterfox.

        I used to use Waterfox. Great until I wen to play Battlefield (though admittedly, the Battlelog devs stuffed that up with the plugin not supporting 64 bit)

        Last edited 05/06/14 9:43 pm

        Pale Moon is a great Firefox fork as well and has a 64-bit version. Depends if you like Firefox's new UI or not though, as the dev has said he won't be switching Pale Moon to it.

    Based on 24hrs of the Canary build, I'd give it a miss for now. So many page crashes...

    zero crashes for me so far. have about dozen extensions running as well

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