Skip Ringing The Bell With This Multi-Purpose Door-Breaching Hammer

Skip Ringing the Bell With This Multi-Purpose Door-Breaching Hammer

Some people keep an extra key hidden under a rock in case they get home and find their keychain missing. But Gerber's come up with a more entertaining solution, especially if you're getting home from work feeling stressed. The Ding Dong Breaching Tool is actually designed for law enforcement who need to break down doors, but it seems like just as useful a tool for the home.

As far as multi-tools go, the Ding Dong is a bit limited when it comes to official functionality. It's basically a sledgehammer, a pry bar and a battering ram all rolled into one — but that's where your imagination comes into play. Both for the price, which hasn't been announced yet, and how you can re-purpose this brute.

Need to tenderise a steak? It has you covered. Has your son or daughter locked themselves in their room? Problem solved. Tired of that mosquito buzzing around your head? Easy fix. The possibilities are endless, and if you're thinking of ordering one, it's probably safe to say you can toss that box full of now obsolete tools in your workroom. [Gerber via The Awesomer]

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