Secret’s New Private Network Feature Sounds Wonderfully Terrible

Secret’s New Private Network Feature Sounds Wonderfully Terrible

Secret is an app that lets anyone around the world share their darkest confessions to an audience of friends and strangers in complete confidence. So how would you feel if that network suddenly became localised to your school or workplace? That’s the new feature that Secret is testing in a limited beta.

Secret launched in Australia a few months ago, allowing Australian users to log on and anonymously share their darkest desires or weirdest observations to their friends and the world at large.

The app is now testing a new feature called “Dens”, which localises the Secret network to your school or office, which sounds amazing and awful all at once.

Here’s how Secret explains it:

The magic of Secret was created by applying anonymity to your network. This combination creates genuine conversations that you wouldn’t have anywhere else online, and the result has inspired us to let you bring this experience to more of your networks, beyond only people in your contacts.

That’s why we’re creating a new way to share on Secret. Secret Dens brings a new layer to your Secret stream, giving you a private, company-specific Den to share anything you’re thinking —kept within the walls of your workplace.

Our invite-only pilot of Dens follows an experiment at Secret HQ, where the 16 of us can share anything and everything we want — just with our team. After enjoying our inside jokes, updates and secrets in our Den over the last month, we’re confident that any company will love having one of its own.

Here’s how Secret Dens are being used so far.

If you want to get in on it, shoot the Secret team an email at [email protected]

Maybe you can finally own up to hooking up with that cute person from finance at the office Christmas party? [Secret]