Samsung's Galaxy K Zoom Camera-Smartphone Gets An Australian Price

Samsung's newest camera-smartphone hybrid, the Galaxy K Zoom, is coming to Australia. Hugely improved from the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the K Zoom combines the best bits from a scaled-down Galaxy S5 smartphone and a point-and-shoot camera. It's not too expensive, either.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom will be sold for $749 outright, in either black or white, through major retailers — we're confirming the exact date that it lands with Samsung. You're able to swap the back plastic cover on the K Zoom, so you can make yourself a black-white hybrid if the normal colours are too boring for you.

As cameras go, the K Zoom is way better than your average smartphone — its 16-megapixel sensor has a 10x optical zoom lens mounted, so while the phone is slightly thicker than a regular handset it's far more versatile for actually taking photos.

At the moment, it's not looking like the K Zoom will be sold through telcos like Telstra or Optus, so you'll have to buy a SIM card separately. If you plan to use the K Zoom alongside your existing smartphone, a secondary SIM is probably a good idea; Optus' new My Plan Plus seems tailor-made for the K Zoom.

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