Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode: 24 Hours Standby With Just 10% Battery Life

Being caught short of charge is a massive pain. Missed calls. Lost directions. Missed opportunities. Thankfully, Ultra Power Saving Mode on the new GS5 extends your phone’s battery charge by applying a simplified greyscale theme and disabling non-essential apps and services. Now that’s pretty handy...

Exclusive to the new GS5, Ultra Power Savings Mode builds on Samsung’s existing collection of clever power saving features like automatic screen brightness adjustment. The new enhancements further help ensure you stay in touch with friends and get home safely — even after you've been out and about all day.

When it comes down to the wire, the Galaxy S5 can last as long as 1.2 days on just 10% remaining battery*.

Learn about Ultra Power Savings Mode at Samsung Australia’s Galaxy S5 website.

*Selected features and apps disabled for Ultra Power Saving Mode. Estimated standby time may vary depending on network configuration, application usage, mode settings, signal strength, noise, features or tasks selected, actual usage patterns, operating temperature, battery condition and other surrounding factors and conditions.

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