Report: iPhone Trade-In Scheme Coming To Australia This Week

The only real way to get value for your old iPhone these days is to flog it off on eBay or Gumtree on the way to upgrading for a new phone. That may soon change, however: Apple may be about to extend its trade-in program to Australia as early as this week according to a new report.

9to5Mac has it on reasonable authority that Australian Apple Store staff are currently being trained on how to perform iPhone trade-ins.

Apple currently has a recycling scheme in place for those looking to get rid of their MacBooks, iMacs, phones and iPods, but it doesn't really give customers any financial benefit for using the program, other than 10 per cent off a new iPod in store. It's mostly an environmentally responsible service.

Meanwhile, overseas, Apple offers up to $200 for iPhones to be handed in and recycled when customers come in to upgrade.

We've reached out to Apple for comment, but we expect the usual denial. [9to5Mac]

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