Perth Taxi Drivers In Revolt Over Uber

Perth Taxi Drivers In Revolt Over Uber

What would you do if you found one day that your expensive taxi license was at risk from a bunch of upstarts at a software company? That’s what Perth-based drivers are lashing out about, as Uber begins to move into the Western capital.

Speaking at a forum in Perth last week, taxi drivers hit out at Uber and its Black service, which is soft-launching in the West right now.

A taxi license in WA can run drivers into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so naturally, drivers are looking for protection.

The head of the Taxi Industry forum, Howard Lance, told drivers that Uber was fair game in Perth, so long as the app played by the same rules as the rest of the taxi industry.

Uber is staffing up for a full-launch in Western Australia, and is reportedly working with state and local government bodies to relax ride restrictions that currently act as a barrier for the app. [The West Australian]