Our Favourite iOS, Android And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Our Favourite iOS, Android And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Whoa there, big guy. You can’t just roll out of the weekend into the new week before loading up your smartphone with some new apps. Check out some newness right here.


WUT in the… OK, WUT is a really fun app. It lets you blurt out mental vomit to your friends, anonymously. And it just got updated with a, what? New feature called WUT WUT that lets you retweet your WUTs. WUT? [iOS]


One of my main goals of the past three years has been to become a skilled birder. But I have failed. Probably because I haven’t had Birdsnap, an expert app made by Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian that helps you identify bird species using computer vision and machine learning. [iOS]


Here’s one for everyone: the Kindle app just got an update for all platforms that features seamless integration with Audible. Meaning, any book can be like a book on tape, all in your Kindle app. [iOS, Android, Windows Phone]

Lebron app

Oh, Lebron. You might not be having the best of NBA finals, but you do still have an app. That’s something! You are also highly meme-able. Anway, Lebron shares the story of his life, his shoes, his game, etc, in this app. [Android]

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX is one of the favourite Android camera apps of our pals over at Lifehacker, and now it has a free version. It boasts many of the same photo editing features of the pay version, but for no monies whatsoever. [Android]

Little DJ Smart Shuffle

DJ LITTLE SMART SHUFFLE IN THE B-B-B-BULDING! Anyway, this app learns the music you like best and then plays it for you. Like Pandora, but for your own music library. [iOS]