OS X Yosemite Hints At Retina iMacs

OS X Yosemite Hints at Retina iMacs

Apple's brand-spanking-new OS X Yosemite seems to point to a future where iMacs are equipped with retina displays. As MacRumors discovered via a French developer forum, the preview version of OS X Yosemite includes display settings that correlate to a 27-inch retina display. Desktop users, prepare for a crystal clear display.

True, the rumour of a retina iMac has been stirring around for a while. But Yosemite includes files for scaling resolutions that line up with retina's go-big-then-scale-down method (which MacRumors explains in greater detail).

It's likely that Apple has been working on a retina iMac for a while, but cramming that many pixels into a 27-inch screen can't be easy. There's speculation that Apple will roll out a slightly higher-priced retina iMac to go alongside a cut-price non-retina model (as it did with the MacBook Pro), but that's not confirmed yet. [MacRumors via TechBlock]

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