Optus And Vodafone Are Experiencing Mobile Network Outages Right Now [Updated]

Optus And Vodafone Are Experiencing Mobile Network Outages Right Now [Updated]

Wondering why your phone has been on the fritz all day? If you’re an Optus or Vodafone customer, there’s a reason: rolling outages are affecting the whole goddamn country across both carriers. Are they linked? Updated

Vodafone, Optus and Virgin all say that the issue should now be resolved. Turn your phone off and back on again. If problems persist, call the IT Crowd.

The issues for Vodafone customers reportedly started in Western Australia earlier today, with the issue now spreading around the country affecting everything from calls and texts through to 3G data.

At 2:40 this afternoon, Vodafone updated its status page to report that there was an issue affecting the whole country that’s currently being investigated. Curiously, we can’t get anyone from Vodafone on the line to talk to about it. You know, outages and all that.

Simultaneously to the Vodafone problems, Optus is having trouble keeping its network afloat this afternoon around the country, with repairs taking place across the network’s phone, internet and internet TV services all over the East coast.

There was no evidence to link these two issues until recently, when Virgin — an MVNO for Optus — tweeted that the same issue crippling it is currently affecting “multiple carriers”.


Not wanting to be left out, Telstra is also reportedly having issues with its ADSL service in Victoria, which is reportedly affecting up to 25,000 customers in the region. Fun!

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