NBN Co Updates Its Rollout Maps To Include Pre-Build Info

NBN Co has updated its rollout map with more information around the nationwide construction process for the National Broadband Network. The new maps include a 'build preparation' category, denoting areas where contractors are readying pits and pipes in suburbs for the imminent rolling of fibre optic network cable. Don't put too much faith in the maps, though — even apparently completed areas don't guarantee your house is connected to the NBN.

Image via Shutterstock

The NBN Co rollout map now includes a green P-class listing, showing both built-up and under development 'brownfields' areas where build preparation is taking place. Build preparation includes contractors getting Telstra's pits and street piping ready for the NBN roll-out; this could include removing asbestos or fixing broken conduits and pit covers.

This process isn't new, only the public listing of it is; build prep is underway for the areas serving almost 170,000 premises, and contracts for the actual build-out of NBN hardware and services have been issued for areas covering 290,000 properties. In the several years since construction of the NBN began, 195,000 properties have been hooked up to the NBN — but a further 118,000 more are unable to access the NBN due to defective fibre.

While the rollout still isn't trouble-free, and it will have to change further to accommodate the eventual transition to a multi-technology mix including lots of fibre to the node, this most recent move is a welcome one — more transparency is always a good thing. [NBN Co]

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