Monster Machines: This Manure-Tossing Monstrosity Can Shred And Spread A Whole Car

Fertilising your garden is no easy feat when you have acres upon acres of farmland to cover. That's why industrial farming complexes rely on massive mechanical manure spreaders to evenly distribute cow crap. And atop this poopy pile sits the king of shit slingers, the Artex CB1200.

Manure spreaders operate much like regular lawn fertiliser spreaders do. The fertiliser — or, in this case, an old Geo Metro — is loaded into a hopper, where it is pushed towards a rapidly spinning auger that breaks up and flings the crap out the device onto freshly tilled fields. However, the CB1200 offers a number of improvements upon the classic spreader design.

This Manure-Tossing Monstrosity Can Shred and Spread a Whole Car

Measuring 9m long and 2m wide, the tractor-pulled CB1200 can hold up to 32,000 litres of cow crap. This load slowly advances towards the rear of the machine aboard a sliding trailer floor until it reaches the system's dual 250hp augers. While most manure spreaders only use a single auger, Artex boasts that the dual system not only breaks up the pies better but also spreads them further, up to 18m on either side of the trailer. This translates into fewer needed passes on a field which in turn leads to reduced fuel and labour costs. And a pretty impressive shitshow. [Artex via Slashgear]

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