Here’s What The BMW i8 Will Cost In Australia

Here’s What The BMW i8 Will Cost In Australia

If you have a cool $300,000 feel like owning a piece of the future in the form of an electric sports car, the BMW i8 is probably for you.

BMW Australia confirmed today that the i8 would run you $299,000, as first caught by The Motor Report.

To compare the BMW i8 to the rest of the local supercar market, right now you can pick up an Aston Martin Rapide S for $371,000; a Lamborghini Huracan for $428,000, or a McLaren 650S for $441,500.

However, the $299,000 price tag for the BMW i8 pales in comparison to one of Australia’s most expensive supercars: the Ferrari 458 Speciale, which will ring up at a phenomenal $550,000.

If you want to save yourself around $100,000, you can pick up a fully-optioned Tesla Model S for just shy of $200,000.

The BMW i8 will ship from early next year.

If you had $300,000 which supercar would you buy? Tell us in the comments!