Here’s The Tech You Get On The New Ford Mustang

Here’s The Tech You Get On The New Ford Mustang

You didn’t think Ford would make an anniversary-edition Mustang and forget to fill it to the brim with cool new tech features, did you? Here’s the tech you’ll get on the 50th Anniversary Mustang.

The new Mustang will feature keyless entry and start, the ability to personalise the lights inside the car to make it light up like a goddamn disco, as well as selectable driver modes.

Those modes allow you to customise the steering effort, engine response and stability control and package them up into individual profiles that can be changed at the push of a button on the SYNC system.

You’ll also have Track Apps, which will allow you to utilise the new burnout mode we saw a few weeks ago, as well as see your braking, handling and acceleration data on the Sync screen.

The new Mustang will pack in adaptive cruise-control with collision warning which reads the traffic in front of you and adjusts for a safe braking distance, and Ford’s MyKey system to make sure nobody hoons around in your pride and joy.

The Blind Spot information system has been revamped to include with cross-traffic alert. That alert system monitors traffic conditions to look for other cars leaving parking spots or changing lanes outside of your field of vision.

Finally, you’ll get individual tyre-pressure monitoring, Launch Control and a rear-view camera.

Not all of these features will be standard: you’ll have to spring for a few options, but for the most part you’ll get these features for no extra charge.

We also got a first-look at the Coupé Mustang today: something that’s never been seen by the Australian motoring community before in the flesh (the launch only featured the convertible). It’s well sexy.

The Mustang comes with two choices of engine: the 2.3L EcoBoost engine with 305-horsepower, and the gutsy 5-litre V8 engine with 420-horsepower.

The car will go on sale next year.

Luke Hopewell travelled to Taipei as a guest of Ford.