Here’s How You Pick The ‘Unpickable’ Bike Lock

In the more innocent days of April, we showed you a mystery bike lock that purported to be “unpickable.” A hidden keyhole was supposed to prevent picks from getting into the lock. It seemed rock-solid! Except not really. Of course not! Here’s a guy picking it open with ease.

Oliver Diederichsen, the lockpicker in the video, has fashioned a “bump key” specific to this lock. Banging cause little pins inside the lock to jump, which can open the lock when you lightly rotate the key just right.

In the Darwinian world of bike theft, thieves are going to prey on the weakness bikes (aka those that aren’t locked up properly). Few are going to go through the trouble of fashioning a bump key for a fairly rare lock. But the world of hobbyist lockpickers is a different game, and this lock is not, as claimed, technically “unpickable.” It seems like it took a while though, and that’s something. [YouTube via Digg]