Here's How To Cut A Cake Perfectly, According To Science

Here's how to cut a cake perfectly, according to science

The way we cut cakes is wrong. That old traditional style of slicing a wedge and leaving the rest? It ruins the cake and creates imperfect slices. How can we cut it better? How can we eat more delicious cake? Numberphile says the most scientific way to cut a cake is to slice an entire strip from the middle of the cake. That way it keeps the cake perfectly moist and delicious.

Here's how to do it:

  • Make two cuts all the way through the cake to create a strip of cake
  • Eat that delicious strip of cake
  • Push the two halves of the cake together and hold it together with an elastic band
  • When you want to eat it again, rotate the cake and cut a new strip of cake. It will be fresh and fantastic all the way through.

The mathematical method is a little cumbersome -- you need to use elastic bands to wrap the cake -- but it allows you to limit the exposure of the open cake which means a better tasting cake to eat later. And that -- more cake -- is all anyone really cares about, right?

Here's how to cut a cake perfectly, according to science


    Or do what most people do and cut all the cake and share it with friends.
    I like a full sized birthday cake that is eaten by one person

    I am somewhat disturbed by the ironic implication that people who are enamoured by mathematical principles would, at the climax of their birthday party, sadly cut themselves a single slice - perhaps give a quiet cheer in an otherwise empty room and put the rest of the cake away to consume, one slice at a time over the following week.

    I'm going to weep now.

    If you've made a cake that lasts long enough to go stale you're doing something wrong. And I like stale cake - it makes coffee taste better. Mmmm cake.

    A better piece comes from a square cake!

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