Harley Davidson's Electric Motorbike Concept Sounds Incredible

You can always hear a Harley Davidson rider coming. Whether it's the roar of the bike itself or just the deafening cry of "freedom!" flanked by a squadron of Bald Eagles. But this is different. This is Project Livewire: Harley Davidson's first electric motorcycle. And it sounds amazing.

Harley claims the bike can do 0-60mph in just four seconds. Rather than bellowing its way along the open road, the new Harley whirrs by in a blur of future.

It's styled in the traditional Harley black with red accents here and there, with traditional handlebar placement rather than a chopper-style affair.

Livewire isn't available for sale, instead Harley Davidson will take it around the US on a tour to ask customers what they want from an electric bike.

If it's anything like the Livewire, it might just be the first Harley Davidson I actually want to buy.

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