Gerry Harvey Is Amongst The 100 Most Trusted Australians

Yes, you read that right — we rate the Harvey Norman founder at #62. But once you realise that the list — assembled by Readers Digest and based on a national poll — rapidly descends from genuinely inspiring individuals (Charlie Teo, Fiona Wood) to random celebrities, Gina Rinehart and the Corby sisters, you realise it's less a list of "trustworthy" people and more a scramble to recall the name of anyone famous in Australia for whatever reason.

Other names of interest to Gizmodo readers on the list include Dr Karl (#9), Dick Smith (#10) and Malcolm Turnbull (#69). The only politician who ranked higher than Turnbull was SA independent Nick Xenophon (#68). But really, it's a list that's hard to take seriously. [Readers Digest]

Picture: Getty Images

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